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Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Did you know that in 2010 alone… 225,000 apps and 70,000 apps were available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market, respectively? Add these figures and the fact that studies show an increase in the number of smartphone users, it is no wonder more and more apps are being produced in the market. Even lawyers can find several apps that they can use to help them be even more productive. Some great lawyer apps include: LegalTrack, ABA Journal, ReQall, CourtLink, and TripIt.

Mobile Apps for Lawyers

LegalTrack is an app that records the length of your phone calls with clients. This app also has the ability to save the record and link it to your company’s billing system.

ABA Journal helps lawyers keep up to date with various headlines relating to legal issues. You can also read full articles from the links available on the app.

ReQall is a sophisticated to-do list app. Through this app, you’ll also be reminded about tasks you need to do in a certain area if you happen to be in that neighbourhood.

TripIt will be most beneficial to lawyers who travel a lot. It provides maps, helps create itineraries and informs the user about weather forecasts. It’s even possible to make restaurant reservations for the client meeting through this app.

Incidentally, an article found in the Aitken Lawyers Melbourne website talks about the possibility of law firms developing apps for their clients. It makes sense; airlines have their apps. These airline apps make it easier for consumers to book flights, get discounts, etc. Why can’t law firms try to build their own apps? It will definitely make interaction between the lawyers and clients easier. It’s a win-win situation.

You can read the Aitken Partners article here:


A Look into Mobile Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing or mobile marketing is one way for advertisers to reach their target audience through sending out text messages. Remember, however, that these promotional materials are only sent to consumers who have expressly agreed to receive such.

What are the things I need to know about SMS Marketing?

A clear call to action should be determined from the start. An effective call to action will help the audience know what the next steps will be after they receive the SMS broadcast. The next thing to take care of is to know the frequency of interaction you will have with your audience. This way, you can more or less meet expectations from your audience. However, you should always remember to respect your audience’s privacy. Sending untimely messages, like in the later part of the evening, might result to no response from your audience. You should also determine the type of audience who will be receiving your SMS broadcast.  This way, you can better plan the type of campaigns that will get the best response from your target market.

Future of mobile marketing

Does SMS Marketing have advantages over traditional marketing?

Compared to traditional marketing strategies, making use of an SMS campaign is relatively low-cost. Another advantage of SMS broadcasts over traditional marketing is that you can reach a higher number of your audience at lower costs. In relation, your audience has the option to join your SMS promotions at any time of the day with no additional costs for you.

Is SMS broadcast better than email marketing?

Both SMS and email marketing are very effective ways of reaching your audience. Sure, more and more people are using smartphones, making it possible for them to read their emails. However, you have to admit that SMS promotional materials will be read easier and faster by the recipients. Imagine the heights your campaign will receive when you combine your SMS broadcasts with email blasts.

Do I really need to use keywords for my SMS campaign?

Keywords play a vital role in your SMS marketing strategies. Keywords can either be a word or a group of words that will give your audience an idea what the campaign is about. It is important to pick a unique and easy to remember keyword for your target market. This way, they can easily recall the keywords they need to input when replying to your SMS campaigns.  Also, these keywords will be used with your email campaigns. In addition, these keywords will also be very essential if you wish to optimise your website.

Is SMS Marketing used in Australia?

There are several digital agencies in Australia. Take for example, Scorch who knows all the ins and outs of digital marketing and has produced positive results for their clients especially theirSMS Marketing services . Every digital marketing service they offer is done in-house, unlike other agencies that rely on other companies for some of their services.  Digital agencies usually offer services like website branding, sms marketing and email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing (Twitter and Facebook), copywriting, and video content creation and distribution among many other services. If you are looking for a digital agency to handle your brand marketing needs, be sure to do proper research. Go with the company that has given and continues to give great outcomes for their campaigns. Other recommended agencies are Next Digital and EXA.

Can any business use SMS campaigns?

SMS marketing can cater to any type of industry. As stated above, the target market will be those who have expressly agreed to get promotional ads thru text messaging. Regardless of your business industry, SMS broadcasts will definitely reach a number of people who are interested in your products or services.

In conclusion, SMS marketing is a low-cost yet very effective way for both small and big businesses to reach out to their audience. Studies also show that engaging in SMS marketing strategies have received positive results.


Top Motorcycle Gears for 2012

As a motorbike riding enthusiast, I am so glad that motorbike riding is becoming one of the most popular hobbies this year. A lot of people have shown interest to the said sport and since I have been riding for almost a decade, I have thought that it would help a lot of people if I post my top motorcycle gears for the year.

Here is a list of motorcycle gears that motorbike newbies and enthusiasts should have:  

Brando Cruiser Biker Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Brando manufactures high quality and stylish motorcycle leather jackets. I love wearing leather jackets while riding because aside from it makes me look cool, it also protects me while riding. This biker jacket is made from cowhide leather with double stitching all throughout the garment. It also has air vents with airmesh lining that makes the rider feel comfortable while wearing this even in summertime. Also, this model is unique among the line of biker jackets that Brando produced, since this is the only one with no belt buckle that could scratch the tank.

Skinny Leg Fully Lined Kevlar Motorbike Jeans

Skinny leg trousers are very trendy nowadays. Kevlar jeans are known for the protection and comfort it provides to rider without compromising style. These motorbike jeans bring the best of both worlds together! It looks like and feels like your typical skinny leg jeans but it offers the ultimate protection—it is cut, tear and scratch resistant. It is very comfortable to wear, fully breathable and looks really modern and stylish.

Italia Matte Suomy Vandal Helmet

Helmets are very important for riders because it serves as their main protection. There are a lot of helmets in the market, but Suomy stands out because of their unique and stylish design without costing too much. This helmet is also anti-scratch, ultra-lightweight and has exhaust ports for ventilation.

Acewell 1500 Dirt Bike LCD Digital Speedometer

Speedometers are vital gears in motorbiking and every motor bike rider should know that. If you are into dirt biking like me, this Acewell speedometer is the right one for you most especially if your bike does not have a 12V battery. Through this gear, the rider can easily monitor his speed and ride time.

Fixed Mount LED Slimline Warning Light

Warning lights are very important for the riders. This is why they should get good quality warning lights just like this one. This is suitable for vehicles that have 12V or 24V. It has three flash pattern settings (single flash, quad flash and continuous rotating) and comes with an inline switch for flash pattern control, rubber gasket, Denko breather, cable exit and cable release.

All of the products mentioned above can be purchased from S3 Performance and Bikebiz.

Cycling to the Trend

Image sourced by

The cycling world during the past year has been more than buzzing; News stories surrounding the industry shocked and amazed us: from doping charges, tour dismissals and of course, mind blowing state of the art bicycle technologies – so far, the news is still echoing in our ears.

Bicycle technologies have sky-rocketed to new heights in the past year, so much so that all these new innovations, technologies and trends can only be considered gear porn! Yes, every year, it seems that more and more advancements are taking place that may soon empty many a riders’ pockets. It’s a common addiction among riders and a mission for a few to get the latest and greatest bicycles and parts. Business is booming to say the least.

As most riders know, advanced cycling gear does not come cheap. However due to the introduction of specified online bicycle retailers, tight competition among bike builders, customizers and bike parts manufacturers; prices seem to be on the competitive side as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean quality is sacrificed – top tier advancements in cycling continue to push forward daily.

Case in point is the recent superbike build from F1 Engineering specialists at BERU, aptly named Factor001. The bike is a fantasy for every road bike rider with dreams of duking it out on the tour one day. The development of the technology is just pure genius. The Factor001 boasts a data monitoring and gathering system that tracks different aspects of the ride. Examples are biometric data from the rider and physical force from the ride and the environment. The bike is almost robotic with the sleek design and the mean performance that can up the riding skills of even the most amateur rider. Well, that’s if they have 20,000 UK pounds to spare. And that is a 2009 price tag but is well worth the damage for serious athletes and affluent fitness freaks.

A mini trend in bike technology right now that is currently gaining popularity in Europe is the carbon mudguard installation on roadies. Road bikes are usually left alone in that department but a fandom of riders is looking for weather protection in addition to looks and performance. The mudguards can be easily attached or detached depending to riding conditions and preference. A few Brit produced brands such as Tifosi and Hewitt and Pearson are currently producing models with built in guards for riding in wet weather conditions eg: rain and slush. Riders of the storm are surely rejoicing with the implementation of this technology – especially since gram counters are not easily discouraged by the guards as they are constructed of carbon; contrary to the clunky full sets made of steel in older bike models.


Technology’s increasing in Hydraulics

Science can be a bit tricky for many people but it greatly helps with everything that goes on around us: your car’s braking system that always made sure that you get to stop in the right moment when you need it, that suspension lift that they used at the car garage to check for your faulty chassis are a few examples to that. What the two examples have in common is that they are under field of science known as hydraulics.

To keep things pretty simple and steer away from scientific blabber, hydraulics is concerned with liquids and force that can be used to lift things using compression and decompression. A simple description of this would be imagining pushing a piston down a hydraulic cylinder filled with incompressible liquid such as oil, will push the piston on the other end of the cylinder up.

This phenomenon is not merely concerned with automotive or cars for that matter. Construction machines use the power of hydraulic systems to split, dig, bore holes and lots of other things to make work easier. The elements to hydraulics are simple enough to enumerate: liquid, pistons and cylinders make the main parts. Though there are other things that can make the equation quite complicated such as pressure, bleeding out the air from pumps, master pistons and valves, engines and some more other stuff.

Whether they may be used in dozers, shovels, lifts, car brakes or even elevators; hydraulics play a big part in creating our modern world as we now see it. Different companies make different parts ranging from simple pistons to complete and complex hydraulic systems and cylinders.

Companies all over the world such as Hydac Hydraulics provide pistons, valves and cylinders etc to help cover all areas of fluid technology and fulfil the demands of this exciting market.

Understanding the science behind a somewhat simple thing can be complicated but were living in an exciting era and we expect more advanced technologies in the coming months.


The Samsung NC110 Netbook

samsung nc110 netbook

The Samsung NC110 is another of the low price netbooks offered by Samsung but has been put together superbly and the materials are quite high grade.  The 10.1-inch screen on the Samsung NC110 has 1024 x 600 screen resolution which is pretty much the standard nowadays, a little grainy but it’s something you can live with or may not even notice it unless you are used to the really high end monitors.  Although I think they could have put in a little more work on the adjustability of the screen, it just does not go back as far as other netbooks.  Even the seats on airplanes go recline back more than the screen of the NC110, but it’s just a minor detail that I had to rant about.

Along with its basic hardware set up the Samsung NC110 have all the right things it should have such as the three USB ports, a card reader and a VGA port for hooking up to an external monitor.  Leaving out HDMI is the right choice cause I don’t think the unit will perform that well with anything that involves high definition.  The 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter is pretty good, so you can be sure to make the most of your home’s wireless network, just make sure you are using a compatible Wireless N router.

The Samsung boasts that the NC110 10.5 hours of use I only managed about seven hours on a full charge.  So maybe my test was different compared to the test they conducted on the battery, but seven hours is more than decent when it comes to battery life for netbooks or laptops.  I would say its good enough to keep you from bringing a charger with you unless you spend more than seven hours in a coffee shop or in the park even.  So travelling light is a definite plus that you can have when you have the Samsung NC110.

The Samsung NC110 is packed with the bare essentials to get you going with your daily netbook usage.  Windows 7 Starter edition, Intel Atom processor, 1GB of memory, and an Intel GMA integrated graphics card should be enough for a lot of tweets, comments, google searches for the average daily use.  But don’t expect to be playing anything more than Plants VS Zombies on it cause you will definitely fail at having any fun if you even try.  The 250GB hard drive is more than what a tablet offers and should be enough for a good amount of photos and videos.  The speakers are not bad, but they are not that good either, so if you are the type that is easy to please then you would not mind at all.

If you want an Ipad or a Motorolla Xoom and be able to be as mobile as possible then get those.  If you want to have more productivity when writing or doing some research in the campus or coffee shop and have more sense in yourself to use a netbook, then the Samsung NC110 is not a bad choice.

The Samsung NC110 is available now from The Good Guys.

The ASUS X101H Netbook

I remember when I first saw a netbook computer, I thought it was one of those children’s toys that talk back when the correct colour or shape was selected.  After a closer look I realized it was a netbook.  Just like me and many others the netbook didn’t really attract the attention of many serious laptop users.

But there may be life in the almost forgotten world of the netbook. Asus has decided to be smart about pricing the X101H by making it as affordable as tablet or even at lower prices. That, slim modern appearance and other features it offers over a tablet (physical keyboard, multiple connectivity and peripherals options, and spacious hard drive) make the X101H very appealing to people who are looking into getting a tablet or just a plain good old bargain.


Asus has managed to give the X101H with a very nice ultra-slim white casing which is plus points for me since I love white very very much.  For those who do not love white as much as I do the X101H is also available in red, black, and brown.  The X101H may not be as thin as a MacBook air but it is eight grams lighter at an even 1kg.  The standard set of ports are on the sides, which I think will not change in most netbooks out there.  You get a VGA port, USB 2.0 port, charging jack and SD card reader on the left. The microphone/headphone jack, second USB 2.0 port, Ethernet port and Kensington lock slot are on the right.


Netbooks do not have much differences when it comes to features.  One of the reasons I was attracted to the X101H is because it’s white.  The X101H is just like most netbooks on the market and comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N455 processor, 1GB of RAM, and integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics. It runs the usual Windows 7 Starter Edition (which strips some of the standard features out – like the ability to set your own desktop wallpaper), and comes with 320GB of storage split between two hard drives. There’s also a 0.3-megapixel webcam above the 10.1in 1024 x 600-pixel display, along with 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0.

Of course, there are bound to be some compromises to reach the price point. The Atom N455 processor chip used in the X101H is a last-gen technology that was replaced by the N550 last year. The X101H also has a smaller three-cell battery, which keeps the weight and thickness down compared to a six-cell, but also halves battery life.  The keyboard is not gonna provide you with the smoothest typing experience, but almost all netbooks are like that.  The 10” display is sufficiently bright with the LED backlighting it uses.


Well a netbook really isn’t gonna perform the tasks needed by a web developer, but can satisfy the needs of someone who wants to write blogs while in a café or in the park.  I would suggest to go to a café and bring the charger since the battery life is not something to be amazed at in a good way.  For around $399 you really do get the performance and specs that you pay for.

Asus did everything right and didn’t do anything extraordinary as well.  For the price that is cheaper than the latest tablet the X101H is a pretty decent buy.  I like it just for the color alone and I am pretty sure others will like it for the same reason and could end up on an impulse buy.

Laptop batteries for the ASUS X101H Netbook is available at A1 Battery pro